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The Right Promotional USB

A Guide to Choosing the Right Promotional USB Flash Drive for Your Marketing Strategy

All businesses irrespective of size are looking for exclusive and affordable promotional tools. Branded USB flash drives have recently gained popularity as the most valuable promotional tools. As a result, there has been a drastic growth in the supply of promotional memory sticks. They come in different styles, capacities, shapes, sizes, and qualities.

You need to be keen with quality and effectiveness before purchasing a USB flash drive. Look for a device that perfectly suits your promotional demands. Today’s marketplace is filled with suppliers dealing with fake products. In fact, some promotional memory sticks have an unfit capacity and low quality. Fake manufacturers utilize unscrupulous approaches to reduce the cost of production. It is, therefore, important to be keen when purchasing promotional products. To obtain the best quality, incorporate the following criteria in your quality assessment process. Promotional USB

Wooden promotional USB Drives

Print Quality

You can perform a quality test to establish the quality of the print. If the print quality flakes off, it is a sub-standard memory stick.

Memory Chip Quality

There are different grades of memory. Each possesses distinct read speed and data retention abilities. Go for grade-A memory if you want the finest quality. Note that this can only be found in the established promotional product suppliers.

Quick Turn Around Time

If your desire is to obtain logo branded USB drives quickly, work with suppliers who own manufacturing equipment. Some vendors rely on third-party manufacturers. As such, it’s difficult for them to control order fulfillment autonomously. A supplier who has manufacturing equipment can deliver within a week.

Diversity of Styles

Promotional memory sticks come in different styles to match your marketing principals. Some of the most popular options include swivels, pens, sliders, wristbands, lanyards, and USB cards. You have a broad variety of styles to choose.

Storage Capacity

USB flash drives come in different storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 32GB. Consider the number of files you need to preload into the promotional memory sticks before committing to your decision. Look for a device with extra space for additional files. For a successful promotion campaign, give out USB flash drives with a minimum of 1GB free space.


Accreditation is a measure of quality. Certified suppliers have proved to offer high-quality and genuine products.

Design and Logo Printing Alternatives

There are numerous logo designs such as photo printing, screen production, and laser drawing. Each design is fit for certain products and materials.


The features incorporated in your promotional memory stick are a perfect complement to your promotion campaign. Some of the fabulous accessories include key chains, lanyards, and packaging boxes. Careful consideration of the mentioned factors can help you choose the right promotional USB flash drives for your promotion campaign.

Distribution Strategies for Promotional Products

Distribution Strategies for Promotional Products

Promotional products can increase sales fairly quickly if they’re used properly. Practical distribution strategies are very important when using promotional products, as an effective routine can impact profits while boosting brand awareness. Most businesses distribute promotional items without considering how key methods can influence sales. However, in order to spike sales and increase brand awareness successfully, a professional distribution strategy must include a few elements.

Traditional Method

During traditional sales situations, employees should try to gather important consumer information so that inexpensive promotional items can be shipped to residential locations. Because the process of shipping promotional products can get expensive, the shipping costs should always be considered. In order to keep the overall costs reasonable, pick Promotional Products 100 that are compact and lightweight.

Business Meetings

Properly structured business meetings can give a company an edge in different markets. However, the process of gathering industry experts who specialise in other products that can benefit a brand can be a hassle. In these situations, using promotional products to attract other business owners is an ideal distribution strategy.

Because business meetings have key requirements, specific promotion items must be used to keep the environment professional. For example, if many prospects will spend a lot of time taking notes, promotional mugs can be very effective because the insulated housing will keep everyone’s beverage hot or cold.

Trade Events

When sales need a big boost, tactical distribution procedures should be implemented at trade events. Many of the attendees who visit trade events seek solutions for problems that occur in their industry, so the process of distributing products successfully in these environments won’t be challenging. However, since trade events have dozens of vendors, a display must stand out. If a distribution location lacks attractive elements, fewer prospects will gather around the booth.

Physical Location

During big events that take place at physical locations, employees can effectively distribute promotional products before or after customers buy retail items. If promotional products must be used to boost sales, place a booth near the most popular products in the store. This strategy will give everyone opportunities to grab a promotional item before picking a popular retail item. Promotional items that will benefit customers after they exit a store should be very beneficial and practical. For example, if a store is located in a hot climate, the vendor at the booth near the exit could provide beverages that are served in promotional mugs.

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Promotional USB Drives

The Risks Of Promotional USB Drives

Handing out a promotional USB is becoming a very popular form of marketing. These allow individuals to connect with the business in a new and trendy way. There are many benefits from using these promotional USB drives, however, we are going to take a look at some of the risks. Before you decide on any promotional strategy for your business it’s important to weight the pros and the cons. Let’s see what the cons are when it comes to a promotional USB for your business.

Easy Access To Damage A Computer

Flash drives are an easy way to gain access to the computer of a particular business. You should always be sure that the distributor that you ordered your promotional USB drives from is reputable. You don’t want to plan on handing out company flash drives to your employees and realize the distributor put a virus on them.

Do your research on distributors of these promotional USB devices before buying them? The company should have very good reviews online. You can even ask other business associates you trust where what distributors they purchased their devices from. Promotional USB

Can Hack An Entire Network

Using a promotional USB drive from a company that you are not familiar with isn’t the best idea. You should be very careful where you get your USB from when you are considering using it. One of the easiest ways that criminals are currently breaching major company networks is through the use of a USB device.

Criminals will leave USBs in the parking lot of a business they intend to hack. Typically one of the employees will unknowingly pick up the flash drive. Most will plug the drive into their computer to see what data is on it and if they can identify the owner of the drive. This is when the breach to the network happens.

USB Packaging

Can Be Reused As A Threat

You should be careful who you hand out a promotional USB to. Criminals know that businesses with a trusted name are more likely to encourage users to utilize the devices. These criminals will essentially collect your promotional USB drives, infect them with a virus, and hand them out to unsuspecting individuals.

This is an unruly way to ensure your company’s reputation is damaged. Be cautious who you are handing your devices out to and ensure they will be used as they are intended to by their recipients.

While these USB devices are the newest craze when it comes to promotional advertising, they do come along with a few downsides. It’s best to ensure you know what these disadvantages are so you can protect your business against these negative outcomes in the future if you intend to use this type of marketing strategy.

Protect Delicate Promotional Products

How to Protect Delicate Promotional Products

When promotional products are distributed during business events and marketing projects, everything is in mint condition. However, after the most delicate promotional products are taken out of a distribution location, the structural elements weaken. Environmental conditions can dramatically impact how long a promotional product stays in optimum condition, and this is why specific procedures must be implemented after grabbing t-shirts, mugs, and paperwork.

T-Shirt Promotional Products

Promotional t-shirts that have screen printed graphics will damage if the material isn’t washed properly. The inks that are placed on a tee are delicate they can fade or chip easily, so a printed tee should be turned inside out before implementing washing procedures. This strategy will prevent flaking when the fabric spins throughout the washing process.

The washing method can also impact the graphics on a screen printed t-shirt. In order to keep the colors on a shirt bright, the washer should be adjusted to the gentle option while the water is set to cold. Promotional Products


Because mugs are very delicate promotional products, certain steps must be taken in order to protect the housing while traveling in a vehicle. If the sun is blazing, a mug shouldn’t be placed on the dash because the heat may shatter or chip the product.

In order to protect promotional mugs throughout long driving situations, each item must be placed in a secured location in the cabin. If a mug isn’t properly secured, it will propel into the air whenever the tires on the vehicle stop aggressively.

After a promotional mug with designer elements is used, it should be washed properly to protect the ink. The designs on a printed mug can easily fade in a heated environment, and this is why a dishwasher should never be used to get rid of beverage stains. Because most inks that are used on mugs are delicate, hand washing is the best way to scrub and cleanse minor and major stains.

Paper Promotional Products

Promotional products that are bundled with important paperwork must be handled strategically. If the weather conditions aren’t ideal, heat could dramatically damage the paperwork that provides beneficial sale opportunities. Solar energy is the biggest problem because it can boost temperatures in a cabin very quickly. When this happens, the important paperwork that’s included with promotional products will develop wrinkles and other issues while the temperature rises. The easiest way to protect paperwork is by putting everything in the coolest spot in the cabin.

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