Promotional USB Drives

The Risks Of Promotional USB Drives

Handing out a promotional USB is becoming a very popular form of marketing. These allow individuals to connect with the business in a new and trendy way. There are many benefits from using these promotional USB drives, however, we are going to take a look at some of the risks. Before you decide on any promotional strategy for your business it’s important to weight the pros and the cons. Let’s see what the cons are when it comes to a promotional USB for your business.

Easy Access To Damage A Computer

Flash drives are an easy way to gain access to the computer of a particular business. You should always be sure that the distributor that you ordered your promotional USB drives from is reputable. You don’t want to plan on handing out company flash drives to your employees and realize the distributor put a virus on them.

Do your research on distributors of these promotional USB devices before buying them? The company should have very good reviews online. You can even ask other business associates you trust where what distributors they purchased their devices from. Promotional USBĀ

Can Hack An Entire Network

Using a promotional USB drive from a company that you are not familiar with isn’t the best idea. You should be very careful where you get your USB from when you are considering using it. One of the easiest ways that criminals are currently breaching major company networks is through the use of a USB device.

Criminals will leave USBs in the parking lot of a business they intend to hack. Typically one of the employees will unknowingly pick up the flash drive. Most will plug the drive into their computer to see what data is on it and if they can identify the owner of the drive. This is when the breach to the network happens.

USB Packaging

Can Be Reused As A Threat

You should be careful who you hand out a promotional USB to. Criminals know that businesses with a trusted name are more likely to encourage users to utilize the devices. These criminals will essentially collect your promotional USB drives, infect them with a virus, and hand them out to unsuspecting individuals.

This is an unruly way to ensure your company’s reputation is damaged. Be cautious who you are handing your devices out to and ensure they will be used as they are intended to by their recipients.

While these USB devices are the newest craze when it comes to promotional advertising, they do come along with a few downsides. It’s best to ensure you know what these disadvantages are so you can protect your business against these negative outcomes in the future if you intend to use this type of marketing strategy.

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