Protect Delicate Promotional Products

How to Protect Delicate Promotional Products

When promotional products are distributed during business events and marketing projects, everything is in mint condition. However, after the most delicate promotional products are taken out of a distribution location, the structural elements weaken. Environmental conditions can dramatically impact how long a promotional product stays in optimum condition, and this is why specific procedures must be implemented after grabbing t-shirts, mugs, and paperwork.

T-Shirt Promotional Products

Promotional t-shirts that have screen printed graphics will damage if the material isn’t washed properly. The inks that are placed on a tee are delicate they can fade or chip easily, so a printed tee should be turned inside out before implementing washing procedures. This strategy will prevent flaking when the fabric spins throughout the washing process.

The washing method can also impact the graphics on a screen printed t-shirt. In order to keep the colors on a shirt bright, the washer should be adjusted to the gentle option while the water is set to cold. Promotional Products


Because mugs are very delicate promotional products, certain steps must be taken in order to protect the housing while traveling in a vehicle. If the sun is blazing, a mug shouldn’t be placed on the dash because the heat may shatter or chip the product.

In order to protect promotional mugs throughout long driving situations, each item must be placed in a secured location in the cabin. If a mug isn’t properly secured, it will propel into the air whenever the tires on the vehicle stop aggressively.

After a promotional mug with designer elements is used, it should be washed properly to protect the ink. The designs on a printed mug can easily fade in a heated environment, and this is why a dishwasher should never be used to get rid of beverage stains. Because most inks that are used on mugs are delicate, hand washing is the best way to scrub and cleanse minor and major stains.

Paper Promotional Products

Promotional products that are bundled with important paperwork must be handled strategically. If the weather conditions aren’t ideal, heat could dramatically damage the paperwork that provides beneficial sale opportunities. Solar energy is the biggest problem because it can boost temperatures in a cabin very quickly. When this happens, the important paperwork that’s included with promotional products will develop wrinkles and other issues while the temperature rises. The easiest way to protect paperwork is by putting everything in the coolest spot in the cabin.

Juggling Balls promotional products

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