The Right Promotional USB

A Guide to Choosing the Right Promotional USB Flash Drive for Your Marketing Strategy

All businesses irrespective of size are looking for exclusive and affordable promotional tools. Branded USB flash drives have recently gained popularity as the most valuable promotional tools. As a result, there has been a drastic growth in the supply of promotional memory sticks. They come in different styles, capacities, shapes, sizes, and qualities.

You need to be keen with quality and effectiveness before purchasing a USB flash drive. Look for a device that perfectly suits your promotional demands. Today’s marketplace is filled with suppliers dealing with fake products. In fact, some promotional memory sticks have an unfit capacity and low quality. Fake manufacturers utilize unscrupulous approaches to reduce the cost of production. It is, therefore, important to be keen when purchasing promotional products. To obtain the best quality, incorporate the following criteria in your quality assessment process. Promotional USB

Wooden promotional USB Drives

Print Quality

You can perform a quality test to establish the quality of the print. If the print quality flakes off, it is a sub-standard memory stick.

Memory Chip Quality

There are different grades of memory. Each possesses distinct read speed and data retention abilities. Go for grade-A memory if you want the finest quality. Note that this can only be found in the established promotional product suppliers.

Quick Turn Around Time

If your desire is to obtain logo branded USB drives quickly, work with suppliers who own manufacturing equipment. Some vendors rely on third-party manufacturers. As such, it’s difficult for them to control order fulfillment autonomously. A supplier who has manufacturing equipment can deliver within a week.

Diversity of Styles

Promotional memory sticks come in different styles to match your marketing principals. Some of the most popular options include swivels, pens, sliders, wristbands, lanyards, and USB cards. You have a broad variety of styles to choose.

Storage Capacity

USB flash drives come in different storage capacities ranging from 64MB to 32GB. Consider the number of files you need to preload into the promotional memory sticks before committing to your decision. Look for a device with extra space for additional files. For a successful promotion campaign, give out USB flash drives with a minimum of 1GB free space.


Accreditation is a measure of quality. Certified suppliers have proved to offer high-quality and genuine products.

Design and Logo Printing Alternatives

There are numerous logo designs such as photo printing, screen production, and laser drawing. Each design is fit for certain products and materials.


The features incorporated in your promotional memory stick are a perfect complement to your promotion campaign. Some of the fabulous accessories include key chains, lanyards, and packaging boxes. Careful consideration of the mentioned factors can help you choose the right promotional USB flash drives for your promotion campaign.

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